Kevin B. Davis

Many Roads to Revenue…

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new and exciting business, brand, and project opportunities and challenges. Some of those currently in progress are featured below.

Maxed Out Man is a lifestyle brand catering to men over 35 to help educate and train them to become the man they were made to be by building their best relationships, fitness, nutrition, finance, and business. The brand features a podcast, online courses, personal coaching, health & fitness supplements, and inspirational products.

Davis Consulting & Relationship Network Management is a consulting brand that caters to companies needing assistance and liaison to television production companies, tv advertising providers, and talent. It also helps to develop relationships between the company and various talent and providers in the automotive, industrial, and metal industries, as well as business and marketing consulting for those industries.

Davis Legacy Holdings is our real estate development firm. We focus on purchasing and improving properties for the purpose of wealth building, and to provide quality & affordable housing for those in our development target areas.

Rugged Restore is an off-road detailing supplies and accessory brand, born out of our passion for the off-road and 4×4 hobby. We provide awesome products to the 4×4, overlanding, and automotive industry.

Detailer’s Helper is our patented tool belt for detailing that was developed out of a need to provide time saving products to the detailing industry.

The Helper Brands is the parent brand for our brands Detailer’s Helper, Cleaner’s Helper, Handy Helper, and Little Helper.

Cleaner’s Helper is a sister brand to Detailer’s Helper, providing patented products for the janitorial industry both with direct to consumer sales and private label.

Vacation Rental Profit Method is a lifestyle brand centered around educating potential and existing vacation rental owners in the most effective methods for buying, owning, and operating successful vacation rental businesses.

Beartooth Web Development is our web and app development and hosting brand that began in 2000. We do design, hosting, and app development.

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